Pictures-tapestries on the canvas with overprint (click the image to enlarge and navigate to the picture)

Tapestry 19   Tapestry 20   Tapestry 1   Tapestry 2   Tapestry 3   Tapestry 4   Tapestry 5   Tapestry 6   Tapestry 7   Tapestry 8   Tapestry 9   Tapestry 10   Tapestry 11 
Tapestry 12   Tapestry 13   Tapestry 14
Tapestry 15   Tapestry 16   Tapestry 17   Tapestry 18  

Pictures-tapestries created from photos - photo and Picture simulation (click the image to enlarge and navigate to the picture)

Kate i William - ślub Kate i William - ślub   Polish singer Ewelina Lisowska Ewelina Lisowska   Michael Jackson Michael Jackson   Edyta Gorniak Edyta Gorniak   Madonna Madonna   Rihanna Rihanna  

Horse Horse   Poppies Poppies      Parrot Parrot   Palm Palm  

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